Empowerment and Coaching

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Building together

A process of personal growth, through routes of different nature develops new skills and competencies.
A change, a transformation that enhances and amplifies their potential.

Support and sharing to focus on the skills, staying together in the overlapping of narratives and attend the reconstructions that define new inner worlds, new memories and new identities.

Listening to itself and possibilities.

One piece of advice which is quite a discovery, and that comes in the first place, from the non-verbal techniques that I prefer.
The emergence of a new perspective in the dust of colored chalks and in the watering down of the dyes in water.

Images that you focus with your eyes closed, the visualization accompanied by music and narration a little 'fairy tale.
Insights that emerge from deep during the meditation, where my role is to stand beside in the gloom, as a witness of trails that take place independently, in the groups and individually.

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