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Individual Paths

For those who want a custom location, you can adapt to your specific needs, and can be of help and accompaniment to different experiences, in different periods of life.

So the ability to use multiple readings, and different tools
Adapted to personal themes and rhythms to dedicate time to themselves, to their minds and emotions, using many integrated approaches depending on preferences and needs.

You can try an emotion without knowing its name? without knowing whether it's pleasant or unpleasant? say, a bittersweet feeling, an emotion mixed or composed ...
I believe so, that's just what I feel when I hear a scent that evokes a much loved, a mixture of delight once again relish, regret because it no longer belongs in whole to the current reality.
Or the joy in seeing or being with one person, the despair due to the distance of a relationship that is not as we would like it to be.
Love someone, the anger that comes from its shortcomings, beloved ...
So, read and accept their emotions sometimes is difficult, almost impossible, and perhaps most importantly, it seems to me, when the name is not clear, when we miss a name, but there are so many words that rise to the surface of the mind, to give a composite representation and faceted, almost unbearable ...
An image in the body can be a pleasant sense of vortex at the mouth of the stomach, so close to your heart ... that sense of satisfaction that remains after a long sob desperate and liberating, like the wind through thin air low over the sea, when the season is still uncertain and the scent is strong.

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Tools and methods

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Useful tools and methodologies that can be learned, and that also allow gradual inner transformation.

Expressive techniques

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