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The term counseling is a professional activity that tends to steer, support and develop the potential of customer, promoting active, positive attitudes and stimulate the capacity for choice. Deals with non-specific issues (making decisions, improving interpersonal relationships) and restricted (family, work, school), is a skill that must be present naturally in various professionals such as psychologists, doctors, carers and social workers, professional educators.(from Wikipedia)

Is the approach that I use in the identification of the area of interest of the client, both when he needs help, that when he wants to do an in-depth experience in a specific thematic area.

As all my proposals, relies on a solid theoretical and practical training in the psychological and professional and personal experience, to deal with the same professionalism requesting help of crisscrossing transitional unwell, that the search for well-being of people who want to devote some time to herself.
To focus on the needs of the person, or the group instance, often using non-verbal techniques or the symbolic language of astrology, so that since the initial approach of counseling these then go to form the scaffolding of a path that you can develop as a result.

Then in my counseling activities, as well as all other experiences, training and practical training courses in first person visible in my CV, I do use the preparation from my Masters degree in psychology, without this affect my rates, but rather by adding value to the investment of my clients.|Scrivi for information

For clarity I should add that in Italy the counseling is not a separate profession regulated to guarantee users. In fact to become counselor are not indicated, by the State, the minimum requirements needed to wield it. There is no reference legislation, nor a compulsory training, nor the requirement to register in a few professional register. While abroad training in Counseling are offered after a Bachelor's degree (Bachelor), in Italy there is no requirement or education, and often preferred to access it is enough to have attended three years of any high school.

The so-called legal counselor cannot and is not able to distinguish the pathological mental States from those which are not, is neither a psychologist nor a psychotherapist or psychiatrist or psychoanalyst, cannot offer listening paths longer than 8 meetings and he is not permitted to administer tests, recommend drugs or other therapies or perform other acts typical of these professionals.

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