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Color of the sea

Paint the sea al fresco at Punta Righini di Castiglioncello, after a leisurely stroll on the lungomare Alberto Sordi.
The meeting is at 14.00 in the pine forest just below the railway station for 4 hours of taking beautiful landscape copy views between the cliffs, crystal clear water and vegetation colonises this stretch of coast, trying to paint water and the movement of the waves. At the workshop attended by students of the Accademia del Giglio di Firenze, but participation is open to all, subject to reservation because maximum 10 participants, the cost will be 30 € per person
Participants who so wish will be in place from the stands, while the campaign materials in the preferred technique are personal and must be taken from each.
I can provide the desired materials on any request, or provide a list of what you need for those is absolute beginner and want to get their own equipment, however. You may agree on other dates throughout the summer

  Painting in the alleys of the Village

Open to beginners and experts, held by a professional teacher.
Possibility to combine the course, for those who are interested can take up residence in a vacation apartment just 3 km from the sea in the medieval village of Rosignano Marittimo. See details

A stay for lovers of art and color, addressed to those who want to spend a vacation deep into living light, colors and emotions unforgettable ...

For groups of up to 5 people, the hourly cost will be divided among the participants.
The morning of Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to four hours of intense painting, extemporary, to transform the emotions into images that fill the heart and eyes, the afternoon will be total freedom, but on request can be devoted to painting with still another 3 hours.
For those who can devote more time, the course continues through the week with the same module, integrating the painting in the village of Rosignano with some excursions in Poggio Pelato, Punta Righini and Pinewood of Castiglioncello, easily accessible places with less than 10 km by car and some short walk.
I can provide easels campaign to use them during the course, materials are charged to students.

For information about the list of materials and to book please contact me! 

Life copy of statues in Florence

A day dedicated to Florence, to be lived not only visiting museums, churches and gardens of the most beautiful in the world, but take advantage in the opportunity to make a profound experience through the direct copying of classical sculptures.
Individual lessons or small groups (up to 4 participants subdivide the cost per hour)

Dedicated to those who already have experience of drawing and painting, but also open to absolute beginners, as the small group (max 8 / 10 participants) allows the teacher to follow each ones at own skill level.
The morning will be dedicated to life copy of statues of mythological and human subjects, looking for sites offering the most beautiful cities, both outdoors (fountains, squares, gardens, facades of churches and palaces) and indoors (museums, arcades and loggias).

The afternoon will be free, available to continue the visit of the city or finish your own work with another 4 hours.
During the lesson the teacher will provide knowledge of Anatomy, Color Technique, and visual perception (free technique, at the discretion of the participants)

Approximate schedule:
In the morning from 9.30 to 13.30 at the meeting place of the lesson
The afternoon from 14.30 to 18.30
During the lesson will be possible to take small breaks at discretion of the participants. 

The archeological site of Fiesole in a full immersion through art

A day in the Park of Fiesole dedicated to Etruscan, to be lived not just walking through the ruins of the baths and the theater and visiting the museum, but taking advantage of the opportunity to make a profound experience through direct copy of ruins, views and museum exhibits.
Individual lessons or small groups (up to 4 participants subdivide the cost per hour)

Dedicated to those who already have experience of drawing and painting, but also open to absolute beginners, as the small group (max 8 / 10 participants) allows the teacher to follow each of your skill level.
The day will be dedicated to life copy of glimpses and landscapes that include the students favorite subjects.

During the hottest hours, or in case of rain, you will enter the archaeological museum and dedicate to copy the exhibits collected in the halls, statues, sarcophagi, etc..
During the lesson the teacher will provide notions of Perspective in the Landscape, Visual perception and Technique of color (the technique is free, at the discretion of the participants)

Approximate schedule:
The morning lesson from 10 to 13.30 with a meeting in Fiesole, reachable by bus from the train station Santa Maria Novella.
The afternoon lesson from 14.30 to 18
During the lesson will be possible to take small breaks at discretion of the participants.
Remember that the entrance to the Park and to the Etruscan museum is subject to charges.

For information about the list of materials and to book please contact me! 

Still Life and Human Figure study

Click to zoom the imageIn this course we will use only real subjects, and will be studied through the still life copy.

During this progressive course, the technique used at the beginning will be the charcoal, while later you will use the soft pastels as introductorymethod for the knowledge of color.

The subjects will be compositions of objects and still lifes.

In the advanced course will be possible to study the human figure, perhaps with some model, and in particular the portrait and the study of the face.

The figure will be studied from the point of view of anatomy, balance and morphology, further on in the study of portrait will also seek to recognize the emotions of the subject, so you can reproduce them later because it is recognizable from the emotional point of view .
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Painting Landscape School in Tuscany

A holiday art for  living in depth light colors and unforgettable emotions, and fully enjoy a period of relaxation

Every day, 1 hour lecture in the studio, and 3 hours outdoors in the surrounding of Rosignano or in the village itself, below the castle.

At the request of participants, will be possible to organize 2 trips to Volterra and Populonia, combining the outdoor painting class visits to museums and excavations.

During the course each student will develop the technique and the style you prefer (a request will be provided the list of equipment needed for all techniques), in the climate of artistic and entertainment complex which features a holiday art, with ' teacher's help and aided by comparison with the group.

The material is charged to students, while the campaign easels will be available on site.

Topics of the lectures of Color Technology, 2 hours - Color Theory, 2 hours - Perspective, 2 hours - Composition, 2 hours - Visual perception, 2 hours


Basic course of 40 hours to play in 2 weeks stay, from Monday to Friday, morning from 9 to 13, with groups from 4 to 16 participants

Intensive adding 30 hours in the afternoon, from 14.30 to 17.30, if there is demand from the participants, with groups from 4 to 16 participants

Certificate of participation

At the end of the course who attends at least 35 hours of the basic course, or 65 hours of Intensive  will receive a certificate of participation by the teacher.

Where: Art Studio and surroundings of Rosignano Marittimo

Dates available

    * At the request of participants


Basic Course, 40 hours Intensive Course € 200.00, € 350.00 70 hours

The course will take place with a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 12

for small groups or individuals, quotes on request 

  Naturalistic Drawing

Finocchio selvatico a Capraia, acrilici e sabbia su telaDuring the course (introductory and advanced) will be learned the basics of drawing nature, through theoretical information, brief history and tutorials "on field" outside, where students will learn how to copy vegetal items and when possible items will be collected in order to copy them in studio at a later time.
Some topics covered: Introduction to morphology and growth of plants, various types of symmetry, shape and "function", phylogenetic diversity.

Techniques: watercolor pencils, watercolors, gouache and tempera

Classes will be held in the Art studio in Rosignano Marittimo, or, on request, in other locations.

It is possible to organize workshops for middle and high school students, in collaboration with schools, organizations and associations. In this case the nature drawing may be proposed as a means to increase awareness of the environment and natural heritage, and recognition of their perceptual mechanisms.

  Natural Shapes and Visual Perception

Click to zoom the imageThere are some forms that we can easily recognize in the natural world, and probably these are the same forms that belong to our physical and mental. Are the form of growth, rest, motion ...

This workshop consists of two phases.

The first one will go hunting for forms, collecting materials in the environment or doing some sketches. At the same time, trying to become aware of the process of recognition through some exercises on perception

In the second part, you can process the material collected more creativelyusing also color, sand, bamboo, gauze and other materials collected on the spot.

This way you can recreate ideally, mentally the same conditions that have resulted in the formation of the same nature of the structure that was first recognized and which is now interpreting.

Macrocosmos and Microcosmos

Click to zoom the imageEach person can find within itself cycles and seasons.

In this process of awareness can be very useful to look for relationships with the natural world, the seasons of the year, the planetary cycles and the 12 zodiac signs seen like 12 different aspects of the sun and its light throughout the year. With appropriate guidance issues, we try to capture the similarities with the cycles of plant growth.

Using recycled materials and findings of the natural world will be composed some works in which to freely express some of the different phases their own inner loops.

Naturally will be given all the necessary technical advice to assemble heterogeneous material.

The materials will be provided in part in the studio, part will come from the workshop participants, who may use them personally or made available to the group.
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materials needed

The list to start is very basic ...
charcoal (close type) with a rag (soft type to Polish the wood) and rubber to erase bread, sheets of white paper to paint on it!
The important thing is to have the support, which I propose should be at least 50 x 70 cm and rather stiff.
The ideal is a minimum of 5 mm plywood, would be better more often, all contained in a folder with that move ... There are cardboard folders with very economic ties, or there are semi-transparent plastic ones ... see you but a Briefcase is essential in my opinion ... also, if fairly rigid Briefcase can also support at least at the beginning!
Also serves paper masking tape, type paint, masking and spray fixative for charcoal, which can also be Hairspray like louder than lies, but without vitamins or other additives, polishing!
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Aprire il cuore Workshop all'Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa di Pomaia
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Expressive Techniques

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Study of plants from reality

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Portraits studio

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Inner landscapes


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