Buzzi Hospital in Milan

Setting, overall design, construction and installation of five paintings at the Department of Neonatal Pathology Buzzi Hospital in Milan-Chief Dr. Compagnoni.

The first request was by the primary and the vice of department, Dr.. Compagnoni and dott.Lista.

The need, manifested mainly by staff, was to create a filter in the room tidy environment and welcoming place where they could find a wardrobe and a few sofa, for parents who daily attend the department. At the same time, being the hall pass filter, the furniture should not prevent the passage of an incubator with a respirator, rather bulky.

The main thing that I tried to comply, after many conversations with staff, was the need to create a place of rest and at the same time of passage, especially in terms of mind, being a room where the parents, arriving from 'outside, perhaps from work, pour expectations and concerns in the place where they should instead try to stop and catch the breath to deal with a situation within the department, certainly difficult given the age of the young patients, often with an unpredictable course.
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This happens mostly at the expense of staff, who may have already paid by the tension of a department "difficult" and many hours of work, and must at the same time take care to explain to family members with the various steps which must approach their children, reassure new parents and continue to keep their jobs.

Hence the decision to give preponderance to the water, as an element able to receive and accept any experience in its depth, at the same time extremely flexible in its shape maintaining its own nature, and that shows with his constantly moving the subtle continuos  transformation of the flow of reality s, though are identified and defined the moments of passage that mark the life and experience.

So there is a change from the first canvas, where the water is static, almost lake, the place where it should be placed a bench, gradually with the addition of moving parts that pass from one canvas to another on the walls, flowers floating in the air, seagulls and seagulls elven passengers. The lake opens to the sea, along the path that visitors make on entering the ward, to present a point of arrival, the island, and the giant human hands, both symbols of protection of the protagonist, the child in need of care, a thousand thoughts and concerns and which finally makes its appearance in the last canvas.
So the patient, the infant, the age at which more and less than three months can not distinguish between images so far is the recipient of the paintings, but it gets rather in the emotions evoked in adults who take care of him.

Thus the presence of the rainbow, always present in all the way with its sense of optimism implicit in the decomposition of light in its pure and clear colors and, to represent an essential and natural light that permeates every aspect of ordinary reality and can be found even in the darkest and most difficult experiences.

Even in the colors of the walls two colors I wanted energy, that is turquoise, although it is a warm color can be back among the blue color "cold" activators and calming parasympathetic, always considered a symbol of protection, and pink, a mild activator of the sympathetic system, with a sense of self-care and intimacy. Two colors that reflect the tones present in all the paintings, but slightly bleached, to avoid weigh the environment, which also needs to be revived, relying only on a northeast exposure.

The paintings themselves are hung slightly lowered the horizon than it is created in the transition between the two colors on the walls, to further involve the viewer.

The choice of large canvas, painted in the studio and then mounted and framed on site with minimal disruption as possible for the department, is motivated by the possibility of being able to be detached to allow a thorough cleaning of the walls, which were painted with the usual color washable commonly adopted by the hospital.

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