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Imagery in the Primary School

Proposal for a path of awareness, imagery and artistic expressiveness aimed at children of the first and second cycle of elementary schools.

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Proposal for a path of awareness, imagery and expressive arts to children of the first and second cycle primary school.

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The course has been proposed with great success and popularity with children, in two sections of kindergarten Neruda in Cecina children aged 3 to 5 years

The laboratory is divided into imaginative and expressive 10 meetings of 1 hour and a half each, divided into two periods of 45 minutes, times may vary depending on the needs of children and age

  • Development of concentration
  • Improved ability to learn
  • Physical Relaxation
  • Identification of a protected and peaceful within himself.
  • Awareness of one's body.
  • Exploring the ability to remember.
  • Exploring emotions
• Developing creativity.
  • Development of ethics and emotional growth


  • Simple meditation exercises, age-appropriate, combined with breathing and development of calm and focus
  • Exercises and movement games
Games-guided visualization,
  • Creative visualisations,
Simple expressive color techniques

During the meetings will be offered across several thematic modules.
In addition, can be developed themes proposed by teachers / educators or which arise during the workshops.

I can arrange training courses for teachers

Pathways in primary and secondary school

Narratives to identify colors and even strong emotions, and learn how to contact your inner world with ease. A path that can be curricular, in a program where the topics discussed belong to a shared location with the faculty.
Extra curricular or be a path as an offering moments of exploration of new languages, new ways to express themselves and be together.

Expressive Techniques
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participation in projects in progress

Project Giocalarte 6th edition
by Matihthya town of Pontedera

Project aimed at understanding, and dissemination of contemporary art with the aim of familiarizing children, teens and teachers in schools, primary, junior high and high schools, through the concrete experience brought by professional artists, active manner, through direct experimentation
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