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Lunch from bread and wine

Sunday 12, 19, January 26, 2014
10-17 hours with lab for kids ... and adults!
Animals and papier-mâché protagonists of activities for children from 4 years accompanied (but also open to adults) before and after Sunday lunch in the company.
In January we will have 3 Sundays of wood-based panels for recovery or on a personal support, which can be completed at home, using papier-mâché, glue and other natural materials collected on the spot.|Vedi details
Le gemme di conoscenza

The breath of the seasons, nature awareness

In December the reserve Lipu of Santa Luce will start a search path of self, where nature, meditation and personal creativity will merge together to find inner balance every joy.

Monthly seminars will take place within the nature reserve Lipu of Santa Luce.
The first of 3 winter meetings will be Saturday December 14, 2013 dedicated to the gift, to the generosity and the nature of radical buds.
Reservations required, participation in donation seasons | see details
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Days of Mental Refreshment in farmhouse

25 April-hurry, time and how slow

26 April-uncertainty, and how to find stability in change

27 April-emotions and how to cultivate mental balance

28 April-the daily life and how to survive the boredom and routine|Leggi and book your participation
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Sea color en Plein Air

Paint the sea at Punta Righini, May 31 from 12 to 16. during the hottest hours we will be on the sea-shore to navigate to in the copy of waves, reflections and transparency in addressing with difficulty and the pleasure of painting en plein air.|Leggi and book your participation
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Room for the mind, nature meditations

Basic course for adults. Nature trail to learn how to manage their own mental States looking for inner well-being and improve their relations. A moment of relaxation with meditation, Imagery and creative expressiveness of art therapy techniques in the silence of a natural oasis.
The seminar will take place within the nature reserve Lipu of Santa Luce.
The next date will be 1° June 2013 HM | see details
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Painting in the village of Rosignano Marittimo

A vacation to experience art in depth, light colours and unforgettable emotions, and enjoy fully a period of relaxation.
During the weekend a four-hour extemporaneous painting from 9 to 13, the afternoon will always be of total freedom, but on request other 3 hour course, from 15 to 18.
During the weekend with the same form, you can move to the reserve of Santa Luce
Borgo |Read more and book your participation
Il bosco nella tenuta di Montevaso

Open our hearts

The program of the workshop in the residential estate of Montevaso near Castellina, in province of Pisa has been updated to meet the needs of the persons concerned. OPEN your heart, is an autobiographical exploration of which will take place on dates to be determined. Quiet atmosphere, between sessions of art therapy, meditation, walks and shares around the chimney fire, immersed in the embrace of nature, at this particular time of the year we will try our key to riaprirci with confidence to new experiences and to life, letting go of grudges and bad memories, and allowing the old wounds of closing and heal.|Leggi and book your participation

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Draw and paint: Landscape, wildlife and marine

Draw and paint: Landscape, wildlife and marine.
Six days of workshops open to people of all ages from 2 to 8 September 2012

Draw and paint in the heart of Florence, in the Tuscan countryside, in a wildlife reserve and in front of the sea.

This workshop has been conceived for those students who want to draw and/or paint outdoors the monuments of Florence, the enthralling charm of the Tuscan countryside (where Leonardo da Vinci was born), the natural beauty of a wildlife park and the magic of the seascape. The aim of the course is to help the student to create a sketchbook with unforgettable memories of the different landscapes and beautiful places. The course can be recommended both to Art novices and to experienced artists and professionals who intend to familiarize with the freehand drawing as well as with the perspective sketch. During en plein air sessions students will learn how to draw and paint architectural elements, landscapes, plants and trees (and wild animals if you are lucky). The following techniques can be chosen: pencil, water colour, oil painting and pastel. Practice can also concentrate on the use of colour and on the perspective method.

For further info and prices please contact or call +39 055 2302467 
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Emotions and colours in the landscape, expressive experiential path

Colours and emotions have a common root in our body and in our minds.
In this workshop we will use many different techniques to activate an experiential training and completely autonomous, reporting in our hands the management of our emotional States.
The seminar will take place within the nature reserve Lipu of Santa Luce.
the next date is 2/June 3, 2012 emotions | view details and participates in survey
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Plein Air painting in Reserve 28 and 29 April

On Saturday 1 hour lesson in the reception centre, and 3 hours outdoors followed by 4 hours devoted to painting in the afternoon.
Sundays from 9 to 13 as on Saturday. santaluce | view details

Picnic painting in Plein Air on Easter Monday

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On the day dedicated to picnics a proposal for lovers of outdoor painting contest extemporaneous
1 day Workshop open to people of all ages

On the day dedicated to picnics a proposal for extemporaneous painting lovers, where you can get lessons in painting (naturalistic, landscape painting, aerial perspective, color) stand together and share lunch, go for short or long walks along the paths of the reserve and, hopefully, take the Sun! Everything in the nature reserve Oasi di Santa Luce

The changing identity of the water, Colors memories and emotions in a Natural Reserve

Click to zoom the imageThe changing water identity Workshop open to people of all ages dedicated to water

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Creative courses for children

Images and words, creativity for children
Aimed at groups of children of second cycle of basic (max. 5 children)
The groups shall be synchronized and self organized for day and time, I usually try to meet the needs of parents

Portraits studio

Course in Portrait using pastels and dry techniques
Every Sunday from 17 to 19 in studio (max. 5 students)
There are 16 meetings, in which students will study the morphology and Anatomy of the face, how to draw the emotions, the similarity to photography, and finally they copy from life.


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